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Vancouver was beautiful!

The XDS conference was full of interesting talks and even more interesting people. One presentation really stood out for me, Grayson Chalmers talk about spending someone else’s money is something I will be referring to for some time to come!

Getting to see old friends and make new ones was fun and being among game industry people is always an enriching experience. Continue reading

Project Spark!

Project SparkJust finished up a year on a wonderful project!

I met many new friends, worked with some amazingly talented teams (both here and abroad) and got to work on a SUPER game! Just wait till you get your hands on it!

In September I will be attending the XDS conference in Vancouver BC with my good friends from Dhruva. Continue reading

The Next Big Thing

After shipping Star Wars Kinect I am on my next adventure! Another spy project, well no, just a project so secret that I can’t tell you anything! I enjoyed my time working with outsourcing on SWK so I took a position as Outsource Manager. Working with teams all over the world and a super team here at Microsoft, it’s great, challenging and quite rewarding. Continue reading

Star Wars Kinect

Star Wars Kinect

I am making movies! 

Figured I should start at the top so… Star Wars! For the last few months I have been the Cinematics Production Coordinator on Star Wars Kinect. 

The video shows many of the cut scenes we have created and a few of the great people I work with (Hi Jorg and Tanya!) I also get to work with Rhythm & Hues and Hydrogen Whisky Studios. 

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The Agency

The Agency

Recently I was asked to tell how I got into games and for the curious here it is:

In the last four years I have gone from being a stay-at-home mom , jeweler, and clothing designer to an environment artist on a AAA FPS MMO. I have been busy. Not only have I learned Maya, Photoshop, and Unreal, I became the person that trained new hires and interns. Continue reading



Resume is my work in games and life as an art manager / producer.


Portfolio is screenshots of environment assets, and levels I created.

Art I.R.L.

Art I.R.L. is where most of my free time goes. I create hats, purses, jewelry, beading, custom embroidery and clothing..


My Fire page is about me running away to join the circus as a fire performer.