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Art I.R.L.

Some of the beading and jewelry I designed and created.

Goldstone, pearls and seed beads sewn into 3d hearts and circles. This is reversible, the other side is goldstone and seed beads.

Garnet and seed beads hand sewn into a 3d heart.

Black and red crystal and seed bead necklace.

A choker with cream and chocolate pearls and seed beads woven in a diamond pattern.

Hand tied freshwater pearl necklace on silk cord.

A choker with white freshwater pearls and crystals.

Hand tied freshwater pearl necklace on silk cord.

Two bracelets with pearls and sterling silver.

Every link lovingly hand forged from sheets of  sterling silver and wire,   with goldstone accents.

Pic 1: The creation of a sterling silver rose pendent, sterling silver clay sculpted and torch fired.

Pic 2: Two rose pendants after firing, the silvery one has been burnished and the other hasn’t.

The finished rose pendent
on its chain.

French beaded, seed bead orchid pin.

Here are some purses and hats I designed and created.

This tiny leather tricorne    hat is one of my steampunk creations. 

The watch gears on the side are about the size of a quarter. 

Hand dyed, steam blocked, and hand sewn.

A pink leather hat with peacock trim and small     veil, created for the        lovely Sarah.

This little red leather hat started as a piece of scrap leather. It has hand sewn chocolate pearl trim with      a small veil.

Hand sewn and wrapped snakeskin top hat with leather trim, handmade silk flower, and goggles, don’t forget the goggles!

Wool felt purse with my custom embroidery.

One of my embroidery designs on a handmade    wool felt purse, side one.

Side two… don’t take it to  the airport.

A few of the outfits I designed and created.

Skirt from up-cycled coat.

Silk dupioni top and men’s sport coat re-made as a  skirt. 

My tiny tricorne and red and black beaded choker are in this shot as well.

Suit and tie re-envisioned   as a skirt.

Flight suit re-made into a skirt.

Clothing modeled by Jen Flood
Clothing photographed by Vic Bonilla