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The Agency

I created 3d environment assets and did finishing art on old assets. I helped established and maintain asset tracking and asset standards. The walls, floor, ceilings, and stairs were made with a modular tile set I created. I worked with the design team creating levels in Unreal3 and worked with the FX team creating and placing FX and destructibles. I also assisted the Tech Art team with tool requests, testing and training artists to use the great new tools we made!


Omen and the Crypt

The Omen Monastery and the Crypt levels were some of our best! I created many of the props, textures, and  some of the FX. Here is a list of what I did

Created:Cases, suitcase, crates, handcart, computers, trolley, bell, cask, webs, lights, floor, damaged ceiling, well, ammo box, glow stick, dirt, damaged walls, candles and flame FX, alter, candle stand, gate, doors, modular tileset (walls, floor, ceiling, stairs)

Placed:Most props, destructible skeletons, destructible vases, flame FX, stained glass shatter FX

Finishing art: Modular arch set, columns, stained glass windows


The Casino

Our Casino levels had some great gameplay and were a major part of the battleground. We had two different Casino levels, one of which I did most asset placement and level optimization on.

Created:signs, gate, security panel, carpet runner, railings, all office equipment, lights, arches, laptop, bottles, cash register, ceiling cameras, couch, chairs, poker chips and cup, touring cases, lights, and lit staircase

Placed:most non-cover items, textures, office level architecture, office furnishings, and level optimization

Finishing art:lights, lamp posts, roulette tables, black jack tables, pillars, arches, wall décor, taps, bar, sconces, wood paneling, potted plants, spotlight, curtains, chandelier , vaulted ceiling , paintings


The Warehouse

I was very involved in the Warehouse, rebuilding it from the ground up twice as our process changed and we developed our modular tileset. It also is the first level that I started working on destructible and FX placement in Unreal3.

Created:beams, crane, missile, fans, toolbox, chain link fence, lights, crate, traffic cone, welding tanks, lights, clean room, control board

Placed: approx %60 of props, destructible forklift, destructible welding tanks, destructible boxes, breaking window FX, and level optimization

Finishing art:forklift, crates, windows, tanks and modular piping



Just a (very) few of the objects I created for The Agency.


The Chateau

The Agency showcased the Chateau at GDC 2009. I was responsible for most prop placement and a lot of level optimization. This was The Agency 1.0, before the art style changed.

Created: side table, fireplace, bar, barstools, barrel, shelving, candelabra, lights, kitchen rolling carts, dishes, trays, sink, doors,  antler lights, gates

Placed: %90 of props, level optimization

Finishing art: couches, chairs, tables, paintings, taxidermy, bottles, glasses, flowers, plants, rugs, body bag, kitchen shelving


Radio Station

Responsible for: Prop placement in Unreal 3, prop creation, poly reduction, collision, level optimization


Paragon Bar

Responsible for: Prop placement in Unreal 3, poly reduction, collision, and finishing art


Chinese Restaurant

Responsible for: Prop placement in Unreal 3, poly reduction, collision, lantern, and finishing art


Nintendo 3DS game Purr Pals 2

I did some freelance work on Purr Pals 2, low poly, low texture budget, a big challenge to make something cute! I used mostly diffuse with a few normals, all textures are under 512 x 512, many of the textures tiled. Sadly this got canceled.

These screenshots are all UNLIT, sorry 🙂


Contemporary 4203 Tris for the entire scene – No Lighting


Futuristic 3896 Tris for the entire scene – No Lighting


Lodge 4184 Tris for the entire scene – No Lighting


Polynesian 3097 Tris for the entire scene – No Lighting


Ranch 4752 Tris for the entire scene – No Lighting



Resume is my work in games and life as an art manager / producer.


Portfolio, Top of this page!

Art I.R.L.

Art I.R.L. is where most of my free time goes. I create hats, purses, jewelry, beading, custom embroidery and clothing..


My Fire page is about me running away to join the circus as a fire performer.